People work with a coach for many reasons. They may want to achieve better balance, fast-track their career, develop a new skill or overcome a barrier to their success. We believe that lasting change starts in our hearts; it comes from a yearning that we don’t always understand but can’t ignore. We are here to help our clients nurture that drive for more.

We believe in the unlimited potential of all individuals. We all have greatness inside of us. Our challenge is to listen deeply to our own truths, trust in our own ability, and take the right actions to reach our goals.

Drawing on 25+ years of experience working with global teams, we partner with our clients to truly understand their needs, challenges, and goals. Whether coaching or consulting, we start by deepening our clients’ awareness in their strengths and values, which serves as the foundation for improvement. From there, we work together to co-create action plans that support you in making the changes that will drive personal fulfilment and business success.

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Stephanie Wilkes, Founder

Stephanie is an experienced leader and developer of people. As a Senior Executive in global fortune 100 company, her leadership was defined by her passion for coaching and mentoring people and teams to bring out their best and drive results. With more than 25 years in the consumer packaged goods industry, working on beloved brands like Trident, Halls, Oreo, and Jacobs Coffee, Stephanie honed her acumen for leading complex teams and building action plans that drive results.  As Global Category President and President of regional businesses, she led cross-functional teams of more than 400 people, driving business of over $6 Billion and managing budgets of over $100 Million.  During her tenure at Kraft/Mondelez, Stephanie led teams through challenging yet successful reorganizations and business turnarounds.  Through these experiences, she built her expertise in navigating organizational complexity, expatriate experiences, business transformation and most importantly, personal development.

She is currently completing the Columbia University Coaching Certification Program.  She holds a BA in Engineering Science and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Western Ontario.

Stephanie is an avid athlete and has completed triathlons, half marathons, and the NYC marathon.  She is proud to have completed the challenging Cycle for the Cause race, a 275-mile bike ride from Boston to NYC, in support of Aids treatment and support.  She also practices yoga and meditation regularly to focus on personal well-being.

She lives with her husband, two beautiful children and slightly crazy rescue dog. Stephanie takes pride in her success balancing family life and professional life.  She realizes it can be difficult for working women to set boundaries and take care of themselves, and she is passionate about helping her clients establish the priorities that will help them live the life they love.

A long-time travel enthusiast, Stephanie has a goal of visiting three new countries each year.  Born and raised in Canada, Stephanie was a long-time resident of Switzerland, and currently resides in the NYC area.