"I have known Stephanie for the better part of 15 years, having been fortunate to meet her early in my career. Stephanie is genuinely focused on helping others develop personally and professionally. Her strengths include listening and asking key questions to help people think through challenges and others' perspectives.  Her authenticity, candor, and holistic perspective have made her a truly invaluable mentor and coach who I have turned to for guidance on key decisions throughout my career and life."

Karmen Conrad

"One of Stephanie’s skills I have personally benefited from is her ability to help individuals and teams explore the true shape of their opportunities for development.  She is masterful in getting you to articulate the true opportunity and finding what is keeping you from achieving what you desire.  She then guides you through finding experiments that can be used to find the best path for getting the full value out of the opportunity."

Susan Flach

"Stephanie is definitely a people person. She cares. She gets people and they know that. But specially, Stephanie IS a team person. She cares about getting teams to connect and to bond in a way that enables everyone to deliver their best.  Whether it happens in person or through virtual spaces, Stephanie knows how to give everyone the space to be themselves and to contribute to the team. People are able to perform at their best, deliver on outcomes, AND enjoy themselves while working."

Maria del Mar Alvarado Cendan

"Stephanie's towering strengths of business experience and political savvy, while always remaining grounded, objective and human, have had a lasting and transformative impact on my business career for the last two decades.  She's one of the first people I call when I'm feeling stuck or overwhelmed by a particular business situation.  I still quote her "Stefanie-isms" and share her enlightening and game-changing tips with others regularly. She is someone who everyone should have in their corner."

Tatiana Langmuir

"Stephanie has incredible business acumen, combined with wit and intelligence, to give her a solid foundation as an Executive Coach. With empathy and an ability to help clients gain clarity, Steph is a tremendous coach. Having benefitted from her work, I can speak from experience."

Mary Jo Romeo